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His Porn.

If you’re like me, you hate his porn habit more than you want to admit. It’s frustrating, demeaning, and it’s created a wedge between you. I’ve been there. (BTW: My husband can help your guy quit porn.)

Find Help for
His Porn

Your Pain.

You’re in pain. Talking with him only creates more distance, but avoiding the problem only makes it worse. You’re ready for real answers.

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Your Pain

Yes, Healed!

Is there hope? Yes! You don’t have to “just heal” from this. Imagine an awesome life beyond all this. You can trust your future again.

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Your Relationship

If you’re tired of the distance his porn use creates, the sleepless nights, and the constant fear of future betrayals, I can help. I became a Bravehearts Certified Mentor™  and I’ve completed the APSATS M-PTM Training so I can help you find a way out of the trauma of betrayal.

If this issue is destroying you and your relationship,
I’ve found many “best practices” that can help you find happiness.
There’s a way out of the craziness; I’m helping partners like you find it.

If you want to be happy,
if you want peace of mind,
if you want your life back,
you’re in the right place.

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What I Do


Need one-on-one or couples mentorship? While there are no easy or quick solutions to this issue, I can help you with easier and quicker solutions.
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For over twenty years, I’ve looked at what works and what doesn’t. I do my best to cover one of those topics every week.
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Want peace of mind? Want a better relationship? I continue to find best practices and effective tools–ones that won’t shut you or your partner down.
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-what my husband would tell guys
-what I would tell partners
-and what we would have done differently

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Free "7 Tools Women Rarely Find"