17 Signs You Need Extra Help

Some women can survive sexual betrayal on their own, but a recent training I attended made it clear: Waiting too long to get extra help can lead to long-term damage.

So even if you go to a recovery group or therapy, these are signs you need to get extra help:

  • When there’s a growing bitterness you can’t shake.
  • When you frequently lose concentration.
  • When nobody you talk to understands.
  • When you find you’re losing track of things more and more often.
  • When you can’t focus long enough to listen to a song.
  • When you can’t read a novel anymore but can only read material to help your situation.
  • When you can’t stop checking up on him.
  • When your partner doesn’t seem to care about the impact this is having on you.
  • When you feel like you don’t have a voice anymore.
  • When every conversation you have with your partner only makes things worse.
  • When seeing an advertisement takes you right back to the first shocking revelation.
  • When you feel the betrayal starting to affect your body (IBS, sudden weight-loss, frequent insomnia.)
  • When you’ve been going for help, but you’re still stuck.
  • When you feel like you can’t trust your own eyes anymore.
  • When you go for help and you’re blamed in some way.
  • If you can’t function in other areas of life.
  • When you’re having panic attacks.

These are all signs that serious damage could be happening to your brain; the ones toward the bottom of the list are more serious.

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