The Best Revenge

I was asked, “What’s the best revenge you’ve ever gotten on a cheater?” Here’s how I answered: The only time this happened to me was before I was married, but the best revenge I took on the mistress (and theRead More

Militantly Faithful

I’ve never cheated on my spouse. In fact, I did the opposite.  I became what I call “militantly faithful.” I say this because I became disgusted with guys who didn’t seem to want to respect my marriage vows… or worse,Read More

Communication Quick Tips

When it comes to quick communication tips, these come to mind: Recovery Time A good way to see if you relationship is becoming healthier (despite arguments) is to monitor your recovery time. If you and the person you argued withRead More

My Husband’s 7th Year (Sober) Birthday

On this Independence Day, I congratulate my husband on his 7th year of freedom from porn and lying. While this time was easier than his previous stretch of 6 years, he did something different this time–he helped me repair theRead More

Why It’s Impossible for Porn to Satisfy a Guy

This video blog covers why it’s impossible for porn to satisfy a guy–just a quick talk on love, lust and a little thing called prolactin.   The link to Dr. John Gray’s original video is here: His discussion onRead More

Ever Been Tempted to Cheat?

I’ve recently written about my own temptations to cheat and what I did about those temptations, even despite our painful and fragile marriage. You can read about it here. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Read More

I covered my mouth in horror…

In my research over the years I’ve heard all kinds of stories–of course some have been more surprising than others.  Because of this I always tell clients they’re in a safe place and it’s difficult to shock me.  On February 1, 2017, IRead More

Want Him to Get Help (What to Know)

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want your guy to get help: -know how he really feels about it -know if there’s hope he’ll change -know the different recovery options (books, men’s retreats, audio programs, counseling, accountabilityRead More

Ever Since He Quit Porn…

Someone asked:  “What has life been like since he quit porn?”  Here’s how I answered: Since my husband has quit porn I can say this: He’s happier—much happier. Much less grumpy. I no longer fear he’s becoming more of a grumpy-old-man. He’sRead More

Getting Back at Him

I was asked if I would ever cheat on my husband, even if there was no way he would ever find out. Here is my answer: Absolutely not! I don’t care if my husband would never know about it… IRead More

The Exact Moment Things Will Change For You

I’ve heard from a lot of women over the years.  Sometimes they ask this question, and sometimes I hear it in their sobs: “When will this get better?” When it comes to people stuck in addiction, I’ve seen it often enoughRead More