New: “For Your Eyes Only” Section

Have you ever been asked to participate in a demonstration, but because you knew the technique being used, the demonstration didn’t really work for you?

It’s the same here.

Some of the techniques I’ve found work better when the other partner isn’t thinking, “This is a technique I’ve seen before. I know how this goes.”

Or worse, “Now that I know this technique, I’m going to use it to become a better liar.”

So what I’ll be doing is putting certain articles behind a “virtual wall” for betrayed partners only.

Now you’ll see an excerpt of the blog posts, but when you click on certain ones, you’ll be prompted to request more of the article by giving some information.


1) If you’d like *free* access to these For-Partners-Only techniques on my website, just sign up for it when you come to a ‘hidden’ article .

2) Don’t worry about being bombarded with emails; you’ll be able to change your frequency preferences later so I won’t send you free tips more often than you like.

3) Then either click the links in future emails—OR—check back to the website and log-in to obtain access. (If you check “Remember Me” when you first log in, then you won’t have to log in every time.)

Note: For now, we’ll see if the guys honor this system. If they don’t, I may have to add a step or two to ensure the  request belongs to someone who’s been betrayed.


If you’re not a guy in pain over someone’s betrayal, please don’t sign up for special access. I know there’s a man of integrity in you, so please respect me and your partner.

If you’re not used to honoring others, you’re decreasing your own chances of success, so, for your own sake, I ask you to respect me on this.