I’m about more than just stopping his porn use. I will help heal your heart from past betrayals.

But the best case scenario is this: I also help make your relationship so strong that other women don’t distract him anymore.

(Without addressing all three areas, women will sometimes wonder if he will go back to the porn and lies.)

For us it took a lot of hard work, but I went:

-from never being sure to having a solid plan.

-from going-through-the-motions to having my life back.

-from ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ to having a say in my future.

-from ‘I can’t compare’ to being his One-and-Only.

-from an increasing distance to feeling like we’re dating again.

-from not knowing my role to owning my rights.

And I now I teach women how to do these same things–in ways that help your partner see he really does want you instead of porn. And even if he doesn’t want to stop, you can heal and have a better life, no matter what he chooses.

This can break you or it can make you.

I hope you choose the latter.

Tips, Thoughts and Techniques

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