If your story is like ours, traditional approaches aren’t working for you. In that case you’re not alone; studies show that many well-known methods only have a 3% success rate when it comes to this issue. 

My husband and I are Certified Mentors™ trained under Michael Leahy, who is a speaker and author of five books, including Porn Nation.  While our training already has a strong track record (over 50% long-term sobriety), when it comes to this issue, we believe that adding the techniques we’ve found over the last 20 years will increase your chances of success. So far it seems to be looking that way. (My husband has been able to get 80% of his guys find freedom within the first few weeks.)

My husband helps men get free of porn, and I help women know how to deal with the pain this issue causes. But we’re also unique in that we help couples. It’s more than porn-management for him and pain-management for you; we help your relationship heal.

“Lori and Jay are determined, hard-working, and share my passion for helping those who struggle find the freedom they now enjoy. But because they’re working together to help individuals AND couples, I expect to see many fractured marriages heal and grow stronger in ways I could never do by only mentoring men. These are two talented freedom-fighters.”Michael Leahy, speaker, trainer and author

We are not licensed therapists; we will, however, refer a client to a professional if needed. We take a much different approach when it comes to this issue, and we want to give you practical techniques to help you heal more quickly and more fully.


When working 1-on-1, I will help you in your unique situation on a weekly basis. If your guy signs up with my husband, he will work 1-on-1 with him. If we’re working with a couple, all four of us can be on the call.

During our mentoring sessions:

1) You’ll Receive Immediate Guidance–I help to stabilize you and your partner, so further damage doesn’t continue.

2) You’ll Be Supported–I listen to you and help you communicate your feelings and needs to your partner in a way that keeps him engaged in the process.

3) You’ll Be Shown How to Heal–I give you practical, step-by-step solutions to help you and your relationship recover more quickly.

4) You’ll Solidify Your Future–I’ll show you how to go beyond just waiting for the other shoe to drop– beyond ‘just healing’ from this. I show you how to have a great future… no matter what he chooses to do.



Being treated better.
Healing to a better place than before.
Receiving real solutions.
Feeling good about you future.
Not losing any more sleep.
Trusting again.


There’s only so much we can do to motivate another person to grow, but I can show you exactly what to say to communicate your needs, and how to get him to hear you clearly so he knows exactly what’s at stake.  

Then if he’s still not interested, I can help you weigh your options so you know if it’s time to take action.

Really, change doesn’t happen until it gets painful enough.  Unfortunately with this issue, the person feeling the most pain is probably you.  Also know that when couples wait until it hurts that much, women are usually in so much pain they think their only option is to leave. So if it ever gets that painful for you, remember there are other options.


See my FAQ for pricing options.


1) The first step is to sign up for an introductory call.
2) Then we will discuss your next best steps.
3) Still not sure? No problem. Download the free guide below, which has a few of the first steps I take clients through.
4) And because this issue rarely goes away on it’s own, please be kind to yourself during this process.

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