I Can’t Compare to Them

Time and time again, I’ve heard women say, “I can’t compare to them.” They were referring to the porn stars their partners were viewing. I used to think that way too. It felt depressing and humiliating.  It crushed me.

Then a new perspective popped into my head:

They can’t compare to them. These women can’t compare to their own photos and videos. It’s all makeup and curling irons and lighting. If anything can’t compare, it’s my ability to do hair and makeup.

Then another thought came:

If anyone should be applauded for all that ‘beauty,’ it’s the crew of workers required to create it.

I tested these ideas by doing an Internet search: “porn stars without makeup.”

Some of the ‘Before’ pictures showed faces that broke my heart. Most of the ‘Before’ pictures showed flawed women. Hardly any of the ‘Before’ pictures showed women who’d be considered “natural beauties.”

But all of the ‘After’ pictures showed shocking transformations.

This new information helped me realize it wasn’t just me that couldn’t compare. They couldn’t either.

(Originally posted 4/12/2016)