One Quick Way to Restore Trust (she can’t heal unless…) – 4.10S

Why is validation one quick way to heal trust? Because without it she will have a difficult time healing within the relationship. This video covers that concept, as well as why sexual affairs may be easier than emotional affairs. (Jay and I also talk about the guys we have a difficult time helping.)

TIMESTAMPS (click on a time below to be taken to that section)
0:00 Intro
0:13 Validation, Restoring Trust & Self-Awareness
2:24 Usually this doesn’t work early on
2:56 Treatment Induced Trauma
3:32 One Solution: She can’t heal within the relationship unless… *
4:51 It’s a brain thing
5:31 Why sexual affairs may be “easier”
7:02 Guys we have a difficult time helping
8:58 A favorite tool of addicts and chronic mistreaters *
10:46 In the next episode: 3 ways guys invalidate pain – Jay and Lori’s website – Matt’s website – Lori’s site for betrayed partners – Jay’s site for porn addiction recovery


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