She helped me realize when he was playing games with me. --A.M. in OR

She's very perceptive. She could 'cut' men with that gift, but she's kind and supportive instead. --E.W. in MI

Lori is Amazing and Definitely God Sent
Lori actively listens to my opinions and feelings without judgement and gives me validation. She equipped me with tools and helped me gain self-worth and value. She definitely empowered me to stand firm. Lori has always been very genuine, caring and committed to me. Thank you Lori, for all you have done for me and my marriage.

“I reached out to Lori through a referral from my therapist. I was desperate for new ways to cope with the pain and loss that I was experiencing in my marriage of 22 years. My husband struggles with several things including porn use and infidelity. The dysfunction in our relationship had broken parts of me that I was struggling to heal. ... I was able to learn and apply new techniques to heal and move forward with my life. It was so nice knowing that I wasn’t without options, even as I chose to stay in my marriage. No matter what the outcome with my relationship with my husband, I know that I will be able to make good decisions and keep myself and my children safe and healthy using the knowledge I have gained through Lori’s mentorship.” L.I. in MI

Hope for Our Marriage
The first time I spoke with Lori I knew God was providing me with a compassionate and qualified lady I could relate with. She was so knowledgeable about the tools and help she provided. Lori was always quick to respond in times of crisis, truly cares, and was totally committed to me and our marriage. She helped me grow as a person and wife, and gave me hope in some of the darkest days I have ever experienced! Im so thankful for her and I truly miss talking with her since my husband and I have “graduated.”
I feel incredibly blessed that I found her!❤️


Now it's easier to know what's best... what I need to do. --T.D. in KS

Saved Me From a Dark Place
I was given the tools to bring myself down from panic and very dark thoughts. So thankful Lori was there to talk me through the desperation and help me come up with a logical plan to put my feet back on solid ground.

I thank God for Lori's life! I don't think I could have made it without her intervention, and I thank God for using her as an instrument. Her help was crucial to the healing of my marriage... I used to call myself "Mara," but I'm not bitter anymore. My bitterness has been turned into victory."Mara" in GA

She, with love and grace, doesn't let him off the hook. Everyone else has let him off the hook. And Jay has such a great approach with my husband; he's direct, but not 'in-your-face.' -L.I. in KS

She's able to feel other's pain and put words to it. --L.M. in MI

"When I practice the things I have learned from Lori, it helps my heart to heal and recover… it helps our marriage to heal and recover. I better understand that it's not, 'He will clean up his side of the street, and I will clean up my side of the street,' ... but only to the point where we can work together... together ultimately is the best. She also helped me to know that I can believe how well we really are doing… helped me believe that I am doing relatively well, considering what I'd been through for so long. She's very encouraging while maintaining reality for me… not offering me a false sense of security. Instead she helps me to see that there is security already. " R.B. in PA

She looks for the best in people. --H.M. in OK

Highly Recommend Lori Pyatt!!
I highly recommend the work that Lori Pyatt does to help women cope and recover from their spouse’s sexual addiction... Lori’s mentoring is very helpful and the tools she uses are imperative to coping through traumatic experiences.


She's a gentle person, but not a push-over. --T.M. in OK

"I have had several therapists and counselors throughout my 61 years, but Lori is a standout. She gave me the most unique and insightful homework assignments I could have ever imagined, all customized with the help of the Holy Spirit just for me. Her connection with the Holy Spirit is awesome and makes her the most special help I have gotten during this incredibly difficult time. Lori is gifted in so many ways, but most notably for enabling me to find love for myself, which I desperately needed to do, because I had come to believe the awful things my husband had said through words and actions: that I was not beautiful, that I was responsible for everything that had gone badly in my life, etc. But Lori helped me to discover my true beauty and worth through finally seeing myself as our Father in Heaven sees me: glowing and beautifully kissed by the Healing Blood of Messiah, Loved with the Highest of Loves, and Highly Favored by Abba Yah.....HalleluYah!! And, of course, the amazing synergy she has with her husband, Jay… they will show you the best possible outcomes for your situation, and lead you to achieve them in the most effective way possible, whether the marriage survives or not. During this lonely and difficult time, it has been good to have Lori to virtually hold my hand and walk with me through this valley while reminding me in her sweet, reassuring way that the Father will never leave me." S.L. in TN

I love our one-on-one talks...very insightful. --T.L. in OK

"I’ve been praying for years that God would bring women like Lori to provide hope to the hurting spouses of men who struggle. She's unafraid to ask the hard questions, so that others can heal and begin living their lives to the full. I have no reservations recommending Lori to come alongside any woman who is searching for a way out. They are such an under-served group and deserve the very best help available. I’m convinced that the best help comes from women who’ve been there themselves, so there's no doubt that Lori is an answer to my prayer."Michael Leahy in GA, speaker, trainer and author of Porn Nation