“I’ve been praying for years that God would bring women like Lori to provide hope to the hurting spouses of men who struggle.

She’s unafraid to ask the hard questions, so that others can heal and begin living their lives to the full.

I have no reservations recommending Lori to come alongside any woman who is searching for a way out. (Partners of porn users) are such an under-served group and deserve the very best help available.

I’m convinced that the best help comes from women who’ve been there themselves, so there’s no doubt that Lori is an answer to my prayer.”

Michael Leahy, speaker, trainer and author of Porn Nation

She helped me realize when he was playing games with me.

She looks for the best in people.

She’s very perceptive. She could ‘cut’ men with that gift, but she’s kind and supportive instead.

I love our one-on-one talks…very insightful.

Now it’s easier to know what’s best, what I need to do.

She’s a gentle person, but not a push-over.

She’s vulnerable and willing to connect with me in my pain.

She finds new ideas and immediately puts them into action.

She’s able to feel other’s pain and put words to it.