My name is Lori, and I’ve been married to a man who had a porn problem since he was 5 years old (including for most of our marriage.) If you’re struggling because of a guy’s porn use, just know, I’ve been there.

I’ve cried the tears and felt the doubts, but I found a way through. My husband’s been free from the porn-struggle since 2010, but more than that, the techniques we found healed our relationship–and now it’s better than before.

I am a BraveHearts Certified Mentor™ who’s also completed the APSATS M-PTM Training so I can help partners like you get your life back and peace of mind again.

For more information, read what I really believe in or read my story here.

About This Website


I've always felt my mission in life was to have a great marriage and to help others do the same. It took me about 18 years to accomplish the first part of that goal, but that was only after an intensive search for tools that actually worked in a relationship where porn was involved.

Porn creates more confusion and tension than most relationships face. And for me it came down to trust. Usually therapists and coaches say, "Without the foundation of trust, you don't really have a relationship--it's just that broken."

Well, we were that broken. But we found ways to repair our relationship.

ANYWAY, this website was created to save you years of confusion and frustration, so you can both heal from this and begin enjoying a rich, life-giving relationship together.
It's also my goal to help women know what to do if their partner isn't interested in a closer relationship.

How I’m Different

1 We're all entirely too individual for pat answers and one-size-fits-all approaches, so I customize a plan for you and your relationship, by drawing on the hundreds of best practices I've gathered.

2 I can help you individually, but I can also work with you as a couple. (See the mentoring page for more.) My certification will only increase your chances of having a better life and relationship.

3 I don’t believe only those above a certain income level should receive help, so I have a unique pricing structure.

(See the FAQ page for more info.)

4 I've lived through it… without leaving my husband… without settling for a life dominated by the fear, "Will this happen again?" (See my story for more.)

When you're ready, I know I can help you.

When it comes down to it, I just want to see more women (and their guys) find freedom–no matter where they find it–as long as the results are real and lasting.