The Lighter Side of Me


-I love nature and landscape photography, but hate photo-editing, so I’m known to take about a hundred shots of one scene. I need that many chances to capture a great shot.

-I am grateful for the gift of color, and the change of seasons can bring tears to my eyes.

-I love to dance, but just for fun. (My mom took me to formal dance class, but I thought ‘jazz hands’ looked stupid; plus, I enjoyed softball and sprinting much more. [And I have an understanding mom.])

-I have a cat I’m sure is part demon. She can be super sweet. But watch out–she will cut you!

-I like to sing, but I freeze and get small when asked to sing in front of others.

-I don’t cook very often, but my family doesn’t mind, which probably says a lot about my cooking.

-To me, a certain candy bar really does satisfy! (My first feast in heaven will be a big plate of ’em. I’m pretty sure they grow on trees there.)

-I don’t mind my stretch marks (they are my tigress-stripes—proof of my motherhood,) but this cellulite? Ugh!

-Also, my house is usually messy, but my marriage isn’t… not anymore. And that’s what matters to me.