Below are the ways my husband and I help you heal more quickly:


We often offer a free guide or two.  Find out more here.

There are many articles that can jumpstart your recovery on my blog.

Our YouTube Channel, The Couple Cure, and our Podcast, Coffee with the Couple Cure, offer ways to heal more quickly  as well.

Lower Cost:

The Basics of Rebuilding Trust is a four part video series that can help your husband begin restoring your trust no matter where you are in your recovery.  More information can be found here.

-ONLINE GROUPS ($39-89/month)
Both Jay and I offer online Groups for Men and for Groups for Women.  The men meet at 7pm Eastern on Tuesdays and 2pm on Wednesdays.  The women meet on the third Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm Eastern.

-SINGLE SESSIONS ($125 per 90-minute call)
Some women have found meeting with me on an as-needed basis is as helpful as meeting with me every week. If you think single-sessions would help, then contact me to make sure we can get something on the schedule before you sign up.

1-1 Mentoring:

-THE PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN PROGRAM (You choose the price)
Our Pay-What-You-Can program offers 1-1 Mentoring at a price you choose. We can only take on one or two PWYC clients at a time, so we are currently having to put people on a waiting list. The waiting list is long, so we started offering Groups and Single-Sessions (see above.)  To find out more contact me.

-1-1 AND 2-2 MENTORING ($495-750/month)
Our 1-1 and 2-2 Mentoring is over 80% effective for men seeking sexual integrity and 90% effective for couples--and the success rate is even higher for women who need help recovering after betrayal. We are currently having to put people on a waiting list, and while that list is short, if you'd like to start as soon as possible then consider Online Groups or Single Sessions (see above.) To find out more contact me.