Basics of Rebuilding Trust (Video Series)

The Basics of Rebuilding Trust is a four-part series meant to help heal the relationship.  (It is presented according to the breakdown we've had and what we see with our clients, where the husband has broken promises he made to the wife.)  

No matter where the woman is in her own healing journey, the man can use these tips to begin restoring the relationship.  

(This means, even if she is in the first or second phase of the Trauma Model, he can begin putting these principles to use, laying the foundation to heal the relationship much more quickly.)

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What’s Covered:


Session One:
A brief welcome and an overview of how relationships benefit from restored trust. Also covered is the one foundational element the other principles are built upon. (about 25 minutes)

Session Two:
Seven basic principles to rebuild trust, including practical guidance to help you get started now. (about 40 minutes)

Session Three:
Common pitfalls to avoid in order to keep from damaging trust further. (about 30 minutes)

Questions and Answers:
Answers to common questions & questions from webinar participants. (about 35 minutes)