Choose Peace

Now that the Holidays are in full swing, I just wanted to remind you to be gentle with yourselves this season.


There are many expectations placed on us during the holiday season:  “What’s Christmas without roasted duck?”  “Sweetie, I’m going out with the guys, while you clean up.” “But you have to get your child that expensive phone–you’re damaging them socially if you don’t.”  (A man actually related the story of how his counselor said that to him.)


And sometimes we place the expectations on ourselves… (Personally, I am currently struggling with sending out greeting cards this year.)


So let’s band together and care for the things that truly need tending to–while NOT forgetting to tend to ourselves.


-Let’s do the things we enjoy.

-Let’s watch the shows we love.

-Let’s practice good self-care.

-Let’s say “No” more often and truly be okay with it.

-Let’s not drag out ALL the decorations.

-Let’s not send out Christmas cards if we just don’t have the time.

-Let’s give ourselves the gift of spending lots of peaceful time with the Savior instead of hurtful family members.


I mean, we’re out here on this website for a reason.  We’ve got enough to carry, right?


So how about it.  You in?

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  1. Good reminders! As I’m still in recovery from Ankle Replacement Surgery -I have had to pick and choose. Decorating the way I love to was out of the question. I had my son bring down 8 totes that were the easiest to retrieve and use what was there along with the skinny fake tree I purchased last year as I was struggling with recovery then as well from a previous surgery! Simple and wonderful. Luckily the cowboy tree ornaments were in one of the totes making the decision of Cowboy or Snowman Tree for me! I have not sent cards the last few years- it felt odd being married but separated ! I’m a fan of photo greeting cards – but wasn’t ready for “ why isn’t (husband) in the picture?” This year I bit the bullet-everyone knows my situation and I could order the cards from my bed as I watched Hallmark movies as well as addressing envelopes! My son, my cat and me in the picture! Being on only one leg has afforded me to bail out on other things as well- I am minimally contributing to Christmas dinner and have eliminated other baking traditions this year as well. It feels good to use my power and take care of myself focusing on my healing instead of the guilt! May as well use this recovery for MY highest good! Gifts were all bought on line – I am doing my own wrapping which I love. This has taught me to find what’s important…taking a year or four off card sending -IS OKAY!
    Simplifying decor and putting up what brings the most joy is AWESOME… Battery operated lights make EVERYTHING look better & more festive. Asking for help is a good thing and makes others feel useful . Hallmark has been my best friend the last 2 months- thankfully I picked the right time of year to be laid up …that’s my Silver Lining.

    1. Post

      Hello again, JE (For your privacy, I took off your name and your husband’s name. If you’d like me to change it back, I’d be happy to : )

      It sounds like your recovery is going well and you’re getting stronger… you sound much stronger than the last time we interacted, and that makes me happy.

      I love how MANY things you listed regarding how you’re ‘Choosing Peace’ this year. I am proud of all you’re doing to take care of yourself. (We’ve missed you in group!)

      God bless you in your continued recovery,

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