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As you may know, I only allow partners of porn users access to certain blog posts because they contain tips and techniques that work better this way.

Basically I don’t want your guy to become a better liar because he’s read these articles.

What’s Revealed?

Signing up will give you access to Techniques such as:

-How to get to the truth

-How to know if he will be motivated to quit porn (Will He Ever Change–Tenacious Energy for Growth)

-New ways to think about the women in porn (I Can’t Compare to Them)

-How to explain how his porn use makes you feel (Leveling the Playing Field–Looking at Other Women)

-How to handle his justifications (The Big Libido; My Woman Doesn’t Mind My Porn)

-The damage and benefits of becoming bitter (Becoming the Man I wanted to Marry; Mr. and Mrs. Grinch)

-And more…

How To Register
To gain access to the For-Partners-Only techniques, here’s what to do:

1) Find a ‘hidden’ article on my blog–one you’re interested in reading–and click the link.

2) Fill out the form to register.

3) To read the article NOW, log in and find that article again.  Now you’ll have access. (Click “Remember Me” when you log in to have access to ALL the For-Partners-Only tips and techniques.)

4) Keep the registration email or write down the log in information so you don’t forget it.