Is Cheating on Your Wife Worth It?

Recently, someone requested my answer to the question above.  Here is what I told him:

I have to be honest, those who cheat SAY it feels great. It’s not just the obvious, but it’s also the thrill of ‘getting away with something’.

But in my line of work, it only leads to shame, regret, and a long, hard road of repairing the relationship (and heart) that’s been betrayed–or it leads to a long, hard road after the divorce.

I’ve heard men say, “Admitting to everything and repairing the trust is difficult for a few years, but the difficulty of divorce doesn’t go away.  It’s something that sticks with you for decades.”

So instead of an affair, I suggest the following:

  • be more intentional with your spouse,
  • do more with her,
  • create memories and inside jokes together,
  • keep secrets from the world instead of from each other,
  • call to tell her how important she is to you, instead of fantasizing.
  • introduce her as your ‘bride.’ (Most likely, she’ll love it : )

Keep doing things like this, and your real relationship will be loads better than an affair ever could be

…and you’ll still respect yourself in the morning!