Once a Month Women’s Group

Information and Sign Up


I am glad you’re taking a step toward your health by considering group membership.

Below is information on the group(s) I offer.  They meet once a month. While I wasn’t sure how much a once-a-month-group would help, *regular attenders make quick progress in their own healing.*


In the current group(s), we cover topics like:

-Things you can do to recover more quickly.

-How to handle triggers and feel close to God despite this diffiuclt time.

-Things you can say to start finding your voice… and how to counter his objections or resistance.

-Signs his behavior is becoming abusive.

-How you can know his interest in other women is not about you!


The Basics:

-The group that is in open enrollement right now meets the Third Tuesday of every month from 7:30-9:30pm Eastern (but most calls go over two hours.)   If that time doesn’t work for you, let me know what does work.  Then we’ll be one step closer to creating another group as time allows.

-Members are asked to use a set of earphones with a microphone.  That way only you can hear their stories.

-I may record the meeting for members who can’t make it that week.  Your voice may be heard, but only my face is seen in the resulting video.  (I also encourage you to use a screen name/pseudonym if you’re concerned about privacy.)


If you sign up below:

1) You will be redirected to a page with the Zoom link for the next meeting.

2) Please copy and paste that link somewhere (it has the password in the link itself).

3) Also be sure to add the meetings to your calendar.

4)  Then be looking in your email for the Terms and Conditions to get back to me with your signature.

(Future payments will come out automatically, so let me know if you need to have them cancelled.)


I look forward to seeing you on the next call.


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