Support vs. SOLUTIONS

Someone gave my husband an awesome compliment.

At a local support group my husband co-led, a guy said, “I come here (to the group) for support.” Then he pointed to my husband. “But this guy gives me solutions.”

When my husband first started going, a few of those guys treated him like a rock-star, because so few guys were seeing victory, and he’d had years of sobriety. I got a little jealous thinking, “Hey, I helped him come up with those solutions.” But I was humbled when I quickly remembered that the best solutions came from a much higher source than me.

So, I landed here:

  • I’m glad those men are beginning to find freedom from this destructive problem.
  • I’m glad their wives don’t have to go through this for as long as I did.
  • I’m glad my husband is being recognized for maintaining his sobriety (because porn IS everywhere, that’s no small feat.)
  • And I’m VERY glad to not be in that mess anymore.

Plus, it feels really good to watch my husband help other guys find freedom.

For solutions and mentoring for your significant other, let them know of my husband’s website, Porn Is Killing Me (