Betrayal Pain (We’re Number One!)

I could be wrong, but I believe we’ve all wanted to be “Number One” at some point in our lives.

Maybe it was on our sports team among our teammates. Maybe it was with our group of friends. Maybe it was with the cute boy down the street. (For me it was all three.)

But at some point in our lives we have this desire to know we’re special, that we stand out, or that we’re chosen.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

Since it’s so universal, I believe it’s been put in us to reach for a bigger life.

At the wedding altar, the customary vows contain a commitment to “forsake all others.”

I liked that phrase.

I liked that it was in my vows. Having those words in the vows by default helped me understand it was okay to expect my husband’s faithfulness.

There’s a safe feeling that comes when we imagine our husbands will forsake (meaning “to abandon, desert, and discard”) those vying for his attention. It’s secure knowing, compared to us, others mean nothing to our spouse.

But when that vow is broken, great pain is usually the result.

It’s not fake pain and it’s not self-centered pain.

It’s real pain from the breaking of a real bond created by a chemical that’s real good at its job (oxytocin.)

So I will be releasing several articles covering this topic in an effort to help you better understand the dynamics involved, so your pain can start healing.

Because you should be number one in your marriage.

Wondering where I’ve been? Since August 2017, I’ve been writing for another network. Which means I’ve got over a year’s worth of articles ready to be posted.

I hope they help.

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