Communication Quick Tips

When it comes to quick communication tips, these come to mind:

Recovery Time

A good way to see if you relationship is becoming healthier (despite arguments) is to monitor your recovery time. If you and the person you argued with are able to get to a really good place more quickly after arguments over time, it probably means you’re relationship is getting healthier. That is, as long as you’re not pretending you’re okay or holding back the truth.

“Do you have any 10%?”

This is something you can ask at the end of a serious discussion. It’s a way to give yourself another chance get everything out.

Where do you trigger to?

If you think you’re getting healthier, but during discussions on certain topics discussions you trigger in your old ways, it may mean you’re still at that old place and haven’t yet healed. Many coaches believe your real health is determined by where you trigger to during bad conversations.

What About You:
What communication techniques work well in your relationship?  Since they work, be sure to use those techniques, especially when you’re triggered.

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