Militantly Faithful

I’ve never cheated on my spouse.

In fact, I did the opposite.  I became what I call “militantly faithful.”

I say this because I became disgusted with guys who didn’t seem to want to respect my marriage vows… or worse, didn’t want to respect me.

I used to surprise myself at how fierce I was over the issue.

Now I realize

I was in the

bargaining phase

of grief.

I was bargaining for my husband’s faithfulness, as in, “If I am faithful to him, he has to be faithful to me, right?”

And I guess, technically, he was faithful, but he was actively looking for affairs.

Someone asked if I did this because I was happy.  I had to say, “No, it wasn’t because we had a happy relationship… but I sure hoped it would make us that way.”

How about you?  Have you tried bargaining for your husband’s faithfulness?

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