Getting Back at Him

I was asked if I would ever cheat on my husband, even if there was no way he would ever find out.

Here is my answer:

Absolutely not!

I don’t care if my husband would never know about it…

I would know about it!

-I would know I wasn’t a person of my word.
-I would know I was okay with lying.
-I would know I was just that empty and lonely.
-I would know I was typical.
-I would know I was okay with destroying another’s heart.

And since I’ve been through the betrayal and lies, I wouldn’t want to know I was that un-creative in how I addressed my relationship problems.

And that’s enough for me.

BUT that’s not to say I haven’t been tempted. And trust me, because of the emptiness in my marriage for so long, I faced some strong temptations a couple of times.

(I submitted an article to another blog about those temptations, and if it’s published I’ll be sure to provide a link.)

What About You?

If you’re on this website, then what you’re going through is painful. It’s made you doubt yourself, so another’s attention can feel like water to parched ground. It’s made you confused, so another’s arms may feel like a safe place. It’s made you angry, so hurting him in return can feel justified.

I get it!

But if ‘getting back at him’ sounds good to you, please be careful. I’ve seen women lose a lot by doing this. It sounded good to them, but they never predicted how cheating would harm them in the long run.

At worst, you’ll lose more than you ever dreamed; at best, you’ll give up your negotiating position.

I want something better for you, so instead of the same old approach, considering getting help from someone who’s been there and has found ways out. I can help.

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