Guys want it too!

“One study showed that eighty to ninety percent of all guys are into porn.” That’s what I was told by my counselor.

I was floored. I couldn’t believe it was so rampant. But even though the statistics seemed to state otherwise, I also knew guys wanted relationships too.

I was listening to a male recording artist recently and it hit me: There are no songs where a guy is singing to a pornographic image. There are no songs I’ve heard where a guy is professing his love to a porn star… or a computer screen. If there are songs out there like that, I certainly haven’t heard of them.

No, the song’s I’ve heard guys sing are about REAL relationships with REAL women. Those songs show us the cry of men’s hearts, and it is encouraging! As much as it seems like guys are caught up into porn right now, they still want us–real live women.

So maybe 80-90% of men aren’t that far gone!