He HAS to make this list (Step 8 and cautions for betrayal pain) – 3.08S

Whether it’s through betrayal, trauma, abuse or lying, addictions can cause a LOT of harm.  This episode covers the first step to making it right, as well as what to do if you’re not ready take this crucial step in rebuilding trust.


Episode Summary:
-Step 8 of the 12-Steps
-The first steps in making amends
-Cautions if you’re not ready to make things right
-God can change our “want to”s
-(Timestamps are below the video)



0:00    Intro and explanation of Step 8: We made (this list)

2:16 “Just because I’m willing, doesn’t mean…”  & Jay’s personal experience

4:16 This step isn’t about relationship—neither is…

5:09 “All persons” including yourself and God (and a caution if there’s been betrayal and broken trust)

7:16 What cheap grace looks like (Jay’s story) / others you may have harmed

8:16 You just have to be willing to (do this) and how

10:05 Lori likes how the 12-Steps helps us ask, “Do I want to want to?”

11:50 Just being willing can bring some peace***

13:02 If you’re not willing (blackmail towards using again)***

13:45 For marriage relationships (not, “I hate it / I love it”)

14:36 Resentments, misperceptions, and how Jay saw Lori as the enemy

16:15 What the addictive behavior may be covering, but for now it’ just a list***

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