He HAS to Be Humble and… (Because God rarely takes it away) – 3.07S

It’d be great if God just removed an addict’s desire to use, but over the last 25+ years of looking at the issue, I’ve rarely seen God do that.  This episode covers what to do instead, as well as special things to consider after lying and betrayal.

In this episode we cover:
-Step 7 of the 12-Steps
-What true humility looks like
-God doesn’t just take it away / What we see instead
-(Timestamps are listed below the video.)



0:00 Intro

1:38 If you have to ask about it then… / The middle part of the 12-Steps

2:22 Getting to where we’re humble enough to ask without… / It’s not like God’s going to just take it away if…

3:22 “God, you’re going to have to take it away, because I don’t want to let go of it”  / Many examples of what humility looks like***

4:13 The most damage probably will be done to the family / God is a Gentleman

6:25 The intent is to fully let go, and how this is covered in the Bible

8:07 Guys who say, “But God’s not taking this away”… and when God does***

10:31 One challenge Jay sees in the guys he works with

11:20 We may never be fully free, so some things have to change from here on out

12:28 One exception: extreme situations… but you’re not bullet-proof

13:14 The danger of “Visual Sips” (and what these look like in real life)***

14:36 Identifying new thing you’re powerless over / How Step 4 is different

16:20 The reason addicts resist steps 4 through 7 (and the “Ask” part)

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