The Best Revenge

I was asked, “What’s the best revenge you’ve ever gotten on a cheater?”

Here’s how I answered:

The only time this happened to me was before I was married, but

the best revenge I took on the mistress (and the guy I was dating), was this:

I let them have each other!!!

I mean, who wants a cheater? She might have been okay with a cheater, but I certainly wasn’t!

I was glad she helped me find out who he really was before we married.

She can have that heartache.  And he can wreck someone else.


Now, that’s not so easy in marriage.

My husband never followed through on his desire to cheat, but even though I wanted him to understand the hurt he’d put me through with his porn and lying and near-affairs, I didn’t think in terms of revenge.

If he and I hadn’t healed from that though (or if he ever goes back to the near-affairs and lying), the best revenge I could have gotten on him would have been to live a great life–and doing my best to forgive him while taking real good care of myself.

(That’ll show him!)

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