The Fun Part of Our Story – Ep003

We’ve shared with various audiences how we nearly divorced, but here’s the fun side of our history.


Hello Ladies,

This next episode of our podcast covers the fun side of our story. If you’re not in a fun mood, then feel free to disregard.

Some of you have heard some of this part of our story, but not all. So here’s your chance to find out how all this really got started.

And a big Thank You to those who gave feedback on our first installments. (Please know we’ve been working hard to correct background noises and sound volume, and should have it all figured out very soon.)

Also please know we’ve figured out how to keep ladies from triggering from this podcast:
We’ll post episodes that all people can listen to here. We’ll post the ‘funner’/lighter episodes using another route, so you won’t even see those out here.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the content–whether by blog or audio.

Take care,

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