Valentine’s Day (Podcast for Relationships/Betrayal) – Ep001

Talking about the fun side… and the not-so-fun side of relationships (betrayal and broken trust.)


Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

This is to let you know of a new podcast my husband and I are doing for relationships, both healed and recovering. Episode 1 introduces the podcast and gives a tip to save money on Valentine’s Day–no matter who you share it with.

But we’re trying to be sensitive to your needs as you heal, so over time we’ll develop a ‘trigger-warning’ type of indication.

Overall it will be a way for you to quickly receive more information, tips and techniques.

Here’s the first episode. (The ability to subscribe on iTunes and Spotify is coming soon.)

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  1. I love this idea. I like the short & sweet concept. Drilling down to key concepts. I also like the idea of posting triggers etc.,

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      Oh, it’s my sweet friend! I was just thinking about you before I saw your comment. It will be good knowing you’re in the audience, so I can envision your beautiful face as I speak : ) Take care, In His Grip. Sincerely, Lori

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