Should You Be a Force for Change? (Webinar)

Last night I served as a panelist on Michael Leahy’s BraveHearts Webinar again. Even though it was only my second time, I’m quickly becoming impressed by the questions asked.

Last night’s webinar content for partners of porn users included a question from an attendee: 
“As a mentor, do you address specific roles a woman can take to better herself and a to be a better force for change for the man?”  

While it was addressed in the webinar, I also answered him by private message: “I do.  I help women with key ways that they can ‘motivate’ their guys… or at least know IF he’s really willing to get help.  All too often he may say whatever he needs to just to get her ‘off his back,’ but it only damages her further.  So YES, it’s definitely something I help her with.”

Before that an attendee asked another great question: “I’ve gone to therapy (but later quit going)… What do you do to get started for a sound plan to heal?”  (Michael covered this in depth.)

Beyond that, the question of the week for partners is:  “Five things every spouse must do to heal themselves and save their marriage.”

Note that the topics covered will change from week to week, and you can sign up for these *free* gatherings here.

FYI: You can stay completely confidential by submitting anonymous questions and only chatting with panelists. By doing this, no other attendee will see your name.

I hope you join us!