“Don’t I Have a Right to the Truth?” (Webinar)

Last night was my third time as a panelist on Michael Leahy’s BraveHearts Webinar. Again, the attendees asked some great questions.

Last night’s content for partners of porn users included a great question from an attendee:

“Don’t I have a right to ask where he’s been and

what he’s been doing–

don’t I have a right to the truth?

I answered it last night and thought I’d answer it again here: Do you have a right to know what he’s been doing?

Short answer: Absolutely!

A year or two into the most difficult part of our healing, a realization hit me square in the face: “I have a right to know who I’m married to.” This realization told me I did have a right to know the truth.

But even though this was a right we gave each other at the altar, the way I went about finding the truth would make or break us.

So that’s one of the things I help betrayed partners with: I help her walk that fine line between requesting his honesty and being demanding, because I don’t want her shooting herself in the foot.

But there’s more to it.

When I felt I had to drag the truth out of my husband, it was a big sign that something was off—way off. The ideal situation is when the guy will freely offer that information, but it takes a lot of fine-tuning to get a couple to that point—especially when there’s already been a lot of breakdown.

While it takes patience and courage, couples are doing it!

Other great questions from last night’s audience:

-What’s the difference between fake and genuine recovery?

-Can a father mentor a son?

-Michael also mentioned who were the easiest guys to mentor. (I was floored by his answer.)

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