Why I’m Meant to Mentor

I believe I am supposed to be a mentor because this is what happened exactly a year ago today:

My husband and I had been watching a documentary about some major injustices in one man’s life. We watched the final episode and later discussed it right before falling asleep.

Jay ended the talk by saying, “I realize God never said life would be fair. He just said he’d be with us in it.” Then he prayed, “God, I surrender to you at a deeper level.”

The instant he said it, fear jabbed at my heart a little, but I thought about what he’d said and prayed, “God, I know you will take care of us no matter what comes, so I surrender more also.”

The very next day my husband was laid off.

Not due to any misconduct on his part, but because the company he worked was closely tied to the oil and gas industry, which was hurting due to dropping gas prices.

This layoff came as a shock because, even though company directors were tasked with cutting costs, my husband had received five awards that year. In fact, the week before the layoff I told him, “You’ve come through for them in some major ways these past few months. You’ve done it so often, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re one of the few who are allowed to get a raise this year.” (Even just days before the layoff, he came through for them in another big way when he got the manufacturing line up and running again.)

So the layoff was a complete shock to us.

And we would have been lost, had it not been for this: two months prior I went to the final StoryLine Conference held by author Don Miller, where I caught a vision for a bigger life. The night I returned home, my husband and I discussed what we’d love to do during retirement, and this plan included helping men and women recover from porn and sexual betrayal.

I guess God wanted us to put that plan into action now, so that’s what we’re doing. And while it’s scary sometimes, I’m also thankful we have the time to do this today instead of waiting until we had the time during retirement.

Now most of our day goes toward spreading the word that men can quit porn, and women can heal their lives and marriages from porn’s destruction. It’s what we’re passionate about, because we’ve been there and found a way out.

So God ‘kicked us out of the nest’ a year ago, and that’s why I am fully convinced we’re meant to do this work.