As 2019 Stretches Before You…

Imagine the new year lies before you as a book with 365 blank pages.  What will you write?

I plan on regrouping after a few years of launching our mentoring business and a few great losses.  I plan on writing new chapters with my husband, and weaving in several paragraphs with my family.  I plan on taking time to treasure the new friendships I’ve made, as well as fostering new ones.

I hope to not gain any more weight, but instead want to become healthier by staying more active.

As far as having a cleaner house… I doubt it, but with God all things are possible.

And I pray that God will allow me to help more women and couples on their road to recovery.


For You
I hope and pray 2019 is the beginning of a better, more beautiful life for you and your loved ones.

Here’s a song that shares what’s on my heart for you as this Holiday Season winds to a close… and the new year waits to be written.  It’s from one of my all-time-favorite song-writers,  Dennis Jernigan: “The Blessing Song”

God Bless you!




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