Healing Betrayal Trauma, Abuse and Lies: One Effective Technique (Tons of Free Info)

Hello Ladies,  Read down below for tons of free info, but here is…

One effective technique to calm your mind. Two reasons it works. And how God feels about betrayal’s impact on us.

0:00    Intro
0:35    The Ice Your Hands Technique and the brain
1:50    PLEASE stay present to avoid frostbite
2:02    Lori’s experience with it in the past & the day of the recording
2:41    Why it helps #1
3:10    Why it helps #2
3:55    That day’s devotional took it further (where time and eternity meet)
5:27    The woman beaten into a fetal position in the corner
6:48    There are ways of getting present again and this is a great start
7:18    But you don’t have to do it often

The free guide mentioned in the video,”7 Tools Women Rarely Find, Vol 2″ can be found here.


I’m super excited to be included in Michael & Christine Leahy’s next Free Summit from Bravehearts. They’ve invited over 50 experts–mediators and lawyers, mentors and therapists, as well as ministry leaders–to share tips on managing emotions, therapeutic disclosure, separation, and divorce recovery in an online summit called Renew.

It’s happening May 10 – May 19, 2021, and I hope YOU can be there.

Throughout this limited-time summit, experts will share their advice on:

  • Improving the Process of Disclosure and Separation (My talk on:  Abuse, The “Looks Piece,” and Giving Anger 90 Seconds–as well as how Different Levels of Separation can lead to a better marriage–even if no one leaves the home.  I also cover when Re-Marriage is NOT adultery.)
  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Therapeutic Disclosure – Understanding The Ins and Outs.
  • Understanding & Dealing With Grief & Loss.
  • Financial & Legal Concerns – What You Need To Know Before You Decide to Separate.
  • Navigating Relationships After Divorce – How To Start Over With Those You Love.
  • Children & Blended Families – Understanding The Complex & Beautiful Aspects Of Blending Families.
  • Finding Hope & Renewal
  • and so much more…

By the way, these aren’t just experts trained these areas.  They’re also women and men with incredible stories of redemption in these areas.  Imagine hearing from lawyers, mentors, and counselors who really get it?

So go claim your free ticket to the Renew Virtual Summit.  I hope to see you there.

Claim your free registration.



(Note: if you sign up for the summit using a link above, then you’ll help my ministry at no extra cost to you.)

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