Restoring Sanity (12-Step cautions for betrayal pain) – 3.02S

The addict’s ways are a type of insanity, and in order to get better, he has to depend on a Power greater than himself to restore him to sanity.  A wife need him to do this, but even if he doesn’t, she can still be RESTORED!


This episode covers:
-Step 2 of the 12 Steps of Addiction Recovery
-Believing in a Power greater than ourselves
-The root of the problem

The article mentioned in this episode can be found here:…

0:00 Intro
1:09 Pornographically addicted
1:32 Step 2 – Restore me to sanity
1:59 Jay gets self-righteous
2:53 Hurt in the name of God
3:33 I need more power than that… The group can be more powerful than you
6:50 “We came to believe…” (I wasn’t sane before)
8:20 It’s funny you should say “Restore”
9:08 THIS is the problem
10:16 Satisfying is an interesting word
10:56 Acknowledging God in this way… Believing this…
12:27 We keep using the same tool but…
13:24 Self-sufficiency looks like this


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