Addiction Recovery & Betrayal Trauma: Step 1 (His Powerlessness)

While our relationships may become unsustainable as betrayed wives, this episode shares tips for our partner’s recovery, what powerlessness is and isn’t, as well as how his addiction destroys trust.

Here’s a summary:
-Step 1 of the 12 Steps
-How it reflects the steps toward God
-What heals more quickly

0:00 Intro
0:34 What this season is based on
2:04 Step 1’s key phrases
2:27 What Jay sees with the guys he works with
3:02 A different perspective on our powerlessness
3:57 The difficulty Jay had with this step
5:35 How some addicts deal with this
6:28 The “disobedient dog” in Jay
7:13 Things Jay does
7:35 Jay’s Free Guide
8:25 My life has become unmanageable (aka: unsustainable)
9:07 The other kind of unmanageability (relatonship destruction)
10:15 NA’s unique take on the 12 Steps
10:36 “It’s a hard line to hear”
11:32 “But porn can’t possibly kill you” (yet…)
12:22 Recap of Step 1
12:50 Steps toward God
13:36 The couples who heal more quickly
14:02 “It’s poison!”
15:25 One way YOU can help others





You can listen to the podcast here, or through your favorite podcast host.

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