How do I help a friend? (Webinar)

This week I answered a question:

“How do I help my friend who’s addicted to porn?”

Here’s what I told them:

I’m sorry your friend is addicted to porn. For you to ask about it, I assume it’s gotten pretty bad for him.

I have a guide I gave at a seminar breakout session: How to Walk with Those Struggling with Porn. Contact me at my websiteand I’ll send it to you.

Other than that, you can sign up for the BraveHearts Webinars, or have your friend sign up. They’re being led by Michael Leahy, who’s written five books, including Porn Nation.

On this week’s webinars my husband will be sharing how he’s been free of porn for over 6 years, and later in the week he and I will be sharing how we saved our marriage from the brink of divorce because of the lies and everything else that comes with a hidden porn habit.

My husband now helps men break free using a method that has an extremely high success rate.

All the best to you for wanting to help your friend.