“I was one bad day from relapse” (Webinar)

On the interview today, Jay shared the story of how he discovered porn at 5 years old… and how it stuck with him for 38 years.

He had a six-year stretch of sobriety starting in 2000, but then it came back worse, almost ruining his marriage.

“The internet was the heroin of my addiction…

I had an intimacy disorder…

During my first stretch of freedom,

I was one bad day from relapse,

but this time it’s different….

I’m not on the razor’s edge anymore,

praying this isn’t the day I go back to it…

I’m much more free now.”

Jay shared what usually triggered him before, and what’s made the difference these last six years.

This was two men talking about parts of their lives they’d rather forget… and letting other men know “THERE IS HOPE!”

Overall, they shared what worked and what didn’t with those in attendance.

The Q&A Session covered:

  • What’s the difference between sobriety, freedom and being free?
  • If a guy wants to quit porn, what should he look for in those he turns to for help?
  • What would you tell a guy who’s on the fence because he’s afraid his partner will find out?
  • What’s the missing piece when guys can’t break free?

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