How is Betrayal Trauma Formed? (Symptoms of PTSD) Video – 2.12S

This episode covers THE thing that can make a situation go from bad to traumatic. We also discuss things that can make the process less damaging for you.



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1:15 What is Trauma? What causes trauma?
2:08 Humans have three automatic responses to bad situations
3:13 One challenge with guys (They see aggression)
3:45 This causes a bad situation to turn into trauma
4:24 What gives us an advantage in these moments (What happened in our marriage)
5:10 If you can do this… it can turn it into a healing situation
5:50 Sign of PTSD: Loss of concentration
8:06 Sign of PTSD: When you go for help and you’re blamed in some way (“Co-Addicts” )
9:33 Sign of PTSD: When you feel you don’t have a voice anymore
9:43 Sign of PTSD: When you feel you can’t trust your own eyes anymore
10:28 Sign of PTSD: When advertisements, etc., trigger you (What this was like for Lori)
11:16 Sign of PTSD: When you feel it’s affected your body (IBS, hair loss, etc.)
11:55 The reason it affects certain bodily systems
12:38 Sign of PTSD: When you can’t function in other areas of your life
13:03 Sign of PTSD: Panic Attacks (And what they’re like)
13:20 If these happen to you a lot, then please do this… (Options)
14:48 Wrap-up (What is designed to do)

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