Well, I’m doing it.  I am finally creating an online presence.  (I’m Lori, by the way.  Nice to meet you!)  I have been researching this subject for years, and now it’s time to go more public.  My unique take on the porn issue has been well received by wives (and many husbands), so now I hope to make an even bigger dent in the problem.  Why?

I’m passionate about healthy relationships,

so if a man’s porn habit is ruining his relationship,

I will go to bat for the woman,

while still seeking to call him higher.

That’s why I’m out here.

Things to know about this website:

PRIVACY IS KEY: Going public with your partner’s porn struggle could negatively affect you, so out here, I encourage nicknames with comments.

YOU’RE SAFE:  Please know that you’re safe with me.  You’re going through a lot, and this website needs to be a secure place for you.  So I plan to keep this from becoming another platform for heated, useless debates that can do more harm than good.  Limiting comments will also keep me focused on what’s most important to me.

ALL FAITHS ARE OKAY:  This will be a faith-friendly site.  I follow a Jesus-brand spirituality, but I’m not an idiot about it and I’m not a typical Christian. I’d rather hear about your history with God (or not) and RESPECT YOU NO MATTER WHAT, than assume I know what’s best for you in this area. I just figure, porn’s problems cross denominational lines, so I will too.

With that, I look forward to seeing you out here.