START HERE (Your Pain.)

Certain posts on this website will help you put words to what you feel.  The impact of porn is so intense and confusing, it quickly leads to feelings you may not be able to describe.

For years my sadness was buried under a fake smile and a flurry of activity, but when things got really bad, I found myself in the fetal position more often than I care to remember.  At first, I didn’t even know if I was allowed to be in that much pain.

And most people didn’t know what to do with me back then.  So I forced a smile, and tried to be a better wife–hoping it would keep porn away.  It didn’t, which was agonizing.

This website is a place where you’re allowed hurt.  So begin by knowing this:

  • Your pain is legitimate!
  • Your pain is justified!
  • What you’re feeling is real!


  • Your pain, if unexpressed, may try to ‘take you out.’

Don’t let it!  You need a safe place where you can grieve, so feel free to email me to share your story, ask questions and receive support.

I commit to treating your sadness with respect, though I want to help you move toward a bigger life. Why?

Because porn doesn’t deserve your joy!