“Then Don’t Be Married” (keys to successful relationships) – 4.03S

In this video, Matt tells what it all comes down to in marriage… and how he felt right after his divorce.

Also find out why he said, “Fine, then don’t be married.”

0:00 Intro / The crux of it all in marriage *

2:45 What defined Matt’s emotions? / Who is most responsible?

3:59 “7 out of 10 marriages end” *

6:19 What ruined Matt’s last day of work

8:29 Jay commends Matt for this

9:47 How Matt felt right after his divorce *

10:45 One Solution: Key to successful relationships *

11:35 If it’s not a 10 on the pain scale…

11:55 In the next episode: Will it take divorce for him to get it?

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