Treat Her Betrayal Trauma/Pain as Real (& Pray Boldly) – 2.10S

We threw this episode together after a movie one night.

I’m looking’ like someone from the ‘frump family’ and the back wall is a mess, but you may find the content helpful. It covers one thing that needs to happen if a man is going to repair his relationship… and one thing the woman can do to help get him there.

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00:58 The pain Jay put Lori through

01:24 How Jay helped Lori heal

01:57 “Don’t make me feel bad by showing me your pain”

02:43 Someone Lori knows (“Why didn’t God answer my prayers for her?”)

03:42 Lori’s message to the guys

04:50 What sometimes happens after Jay talks to a new client

06:07 If Jay hadn’t treated Lori’s pain as real, this would have happened

07:07 “I’ve rarely seen God let the guy off the hook that way”

07:33 “There may be good reason to never talk to that person again”

07:52 The best scenario (Note: This is even if you don’t stay together)

08:21 (Spoiler Alert for the movie Breakthrough) One takeaway from the movie

09:14 What this looked like for Lori

10:37 Sometimes the quickest way for everyone involved is to…



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