Why is this taking so long? Part B (Short and Sweet)

On my last post I wrote on how, like a big ship, relationships were sometimes difficult to turn around. Well, the core beliefs surrounding these kinds of marital issues can be the same way. Not to say all of them are like that–some core beliefs are shocked right out of us. But other long-held truths can take a while to alter. Some of us don’t have that time.

During my healing years, I needed people to give me the short version; to not couch what they were saying in loads of flowery language. One counselor said it well, “We don’t have the time to be messing around here.” I could relate; I was confused already and didn’t need to be unnecessarily clouded.

So, given that many women reading these will possibly be in that same confused-and-hurting-but-still-searching state, a lot of my writing will be short and to the point. Little tidbits of useful content to help you think differently about your situation. This is intentional.

I want to put effective oars in your hands as quickly as possible to renew your hope and keep your ship moving.  Life is too short to keep going in the wrong direction.