Are Emotional Affairs Actually Affairs? (it’s not difficult) – 4.08S

Unfortunate ideas can get twisted in a person’s mind, leading them to have affairs; ideas like, “But if my wife were the right person…” We discuss this with author Matt Fray, and we also cover the question: Are emotional affairs truly affairs–and what can make it all less difficult?

TIMESTAMPS (click on a time below to be taken to that section)
0:00 Intro / Defensiveness & intimidation
1:25 “I care about you, but I care about myself more”
2:20 Can be abusive (“don’t ruin my good time”)
3:21 Are emotional affairs truly affairs? *
6:39 One solution: Why not create that with your wife?
7:18 If (this) then it’s not difficult
7:42 This blindness can lead to affairs *
10:05 “But if my wife were the right person…” *
12:42 Getting help: what it is and isn’t
13:14 In the next episode: What if the goal is to have an affair? – Jay and Lori’s website – Matt’s website – Lori’s site for betrayed partners – Jay’s site for porn addiction recovery


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