Betrayal Trauma: Season 2 Recap (& “Me Being Stupid” : ) – 2.18S

Hello Ladies,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this website, and for that I apologize.  I’ve continued writing, and mentoring and leading groups, and those activities on top of the horrible events of last year kept me from making it out here like I wanted.

(For an update as well as a behind the scenes look into our life, check out Episode 3.0 where we talk about what happened to us in 2020.)

This post is all about the true end goal of recovery:  JOY.

So I hope you enjoy the blooper reel, which is what I call “basically, me being stupid”  : )


In this episode we cover
-A quick recap of the season on Betrayal Trauma, that was recorded in early 2020, before the world fell apart
-Jay and Lori’s favorite episodes
-This season’s goal: Joy (and the Blooper Reel)

0:00 Intro
2:50 What this episode is about: a recap & joy (and Lori being stupid : )
0:48 If you’ve been betrayed
1:06 Guys, imagine if your wife…
1:54 Where were we in 2020 been—a short explanation (for more see 3.0)
2:48 Recap of Season 2 recorded in January of 2020
3:06 Jay’s favorite episodes and why
4:32 Lori’s favorite episodes and why
5:36 Why the bloopers? A hope for joy
6:10 Blooper reel
8:21 Episode wrap up and quick preview of Season 3




You can listen to the podcast here, or through your favorite podcast host.


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