How Betrayal Trauma is Made Worse by One Addiction Recovery Method (Season 3 Preview and Behind the Scenes Look) – 3.0S

In Season 3, Jay will be covering his take on one popular addiction recovery method, and Lori will be addressing how something more is needed to rebuild trust between two people.  She’ll also cover how the things Jay covers reflect the steps toward God.

This episode is a preview of Season 3, as well as an update of where we were in 2020.  It ends with a behind-the-scenes look into our lives.


Here’s our latest episode, which covers
-What happened to Jay and Lori in 2020, including run-ins with the IRS
-A behind-the-scenes look at how they celebrated their 25th Anniversary

0:00 Intro
0:22 Preview of Season 3, and Jay’s history with it
1:37 What Lori will be covering/cautioning in Season 3
2:18 For those who’ve been through betrayal trauma (look for the “S”)
2:59 Where were we in 2020?
3:25 Possible mid-season break due to…
3:38 What happened to us in 2020 (lighter stuff)
5:32 The IRS came calling
7:09 The more serious stuff we faced, and the great things that resulted
10:08 Our new favorite hobby
11:54 The most serious stuff we faced (and a prayer request)
12:53 To end on a high note
13:26 Behind-the-scenes look at our lives





You can listen to the podcast here, or through your favorite podcast host.

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