He HAS to Surrender All (12-Step cautions for betrayal pain) – 3.03S

Applying the 12-Steps to betrayal pain only causes more pain. Yet the 12-Step Program CAN be effective for addiction recovery.

This is because the treatment for addiction and lying is MUCH DIFFERENT than healing the pain and trauma of betrayal. They require different recovery programs.

So in this episode, we cover:
-Step 3 of the 12-Steps, and how to be careful if you’re trying to rebuild trust
-Surrendering all, and how God replaces it
-Special cautions regarding those betrayed by porn, abuse and lying
-Special cautions regarding those who’ve been hurt by the church

0:00 Intro
0:25 Step 3: We make decision to…
2:23 “Being beaten into state of…” (The main point)
6:31 “I don’t think God causes us pain, but…” & a side note for the betrayed
7:21 “The 12-Step books are written with the addict in mind,” not those in betrayal trauma
9:34 To those who’ve been hurt by the church (A thought Lori had about God)
12:48 Lori’s history… and what can change your life
14:14 How Step 3 reflects how to get closer to God
16:29 (This) will be painful… but it’s not ‘nothing but crap’


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