Why is Sex Everywhere? (Advertising: Part 1)

A lady asked me one day, “Why is it everywhere? It’s like we can’t escape it.”

I knew what she meant. When we were recovering, I became much more aware of ads that could trigger my husband. Back then it felt like mini-wounds just browsing the mall, or seeing billboards, or passing a magazine rack. Even if my husband wasn’t with me, I still felt a little angry over them.  (Other women have reported the same feelings.)

Without going too deep into neuroscience, this is my understanding as to why it’s “everywhere”:

Advertisers know that when we see good-looking people, our brains create and/or receive certain chemicals that cause us to feel good inside. Companies know if we feel good when looking at the images in their ads, we will associate that good feeling with their product and be more apt to buy from them.