Why is Sex Everywhere? (Advertising: Part 2)

As a teenager, I watched televised sports.  There were so many ads featuring scantily clad women, so many shots of the cheerleaders in their skimpy outfits–even back then the objectification angered me.

My husband and I don’t watch sports often because we’re not huge fans, but we’ve caught a few games in the last couple years. I’ve noticed a change. It’s as if they’ve cleaned up the commercials a little (not as much skin, fewer bikinis.)

I’d love to know what the leagues were thinking—in only showing the cheerleaders once or twice each game now. Interesting.

I wrote in the last post that companies want us to associate their products with the good feelings we experience when viewing their ads, so we’ll be more apt to buy. It may have backfired.

I think this is what has happened: In part because of a partner’s porn use, I believe many women now have negative feeling when we see those images. And it’s possible some guys actually catch grief when those pretty bodies saunter across the screen. So it’s possible both sexes are beginning to assign negative feelings to those products.

Maybe some companies are taking notice.  (Yay, team!)





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