You are the Peak of Creation!

Just because you’re a female, you’re the epitome of creation.  Why do I say that?

This is how the story goes: God stopped working when he finished creating the female. And the male stopped looking when he found her. Think about that.

Just because you’re female,
you are valued and beautiful
and mysterious and powerful.

Male warriors: imagine them on the battle lines, all rough and sweaty and dirty and ready to fight. Now imagine you are on the battlefield with them. Changes the feel of the scene, doesn’t it?

Sure you can fight right alongside them, but just your presence gives them something to work harder for–you’re more than just their buddy.

Now imagine you’re back home. You are the one the men are going to war to protect, or to the office to provide for.

Lovely, good, nurturing, soft—someone to need them, someone to support them, someone to comfort them when they come home.   You’re a part of their world that gives life meaning and purpose.

Lift up your head:  You’re the epitome of creation, just because you’re a female.

There’s a lot of power there!


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